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"From astrology to Grindylow to reading tea leaves to witch persecution, this fascinating volume gets to the bottom of every magical mystery connected with Hogwarts....  For fans of the tremendously popular Harry Potter series, or anyone who is intrigued by magical lore, the Sorcerer's Companion will quickly become a true friend."

- Emilie Coulter, Editor and Reviewer, Amazon

"Each alphabetically organized entry contains a potent blend of fact, fiction and folklore.  The 'Broomstick' entry, for instance, details the effects of a purported 'flying ointment' that witches rub into their brooms to prepare for takeoff.  The section on 'The Sorcerer's Stone' explains the ancient Egyptian art of alchemy.  Thorough research and period prints combine to create a memorable book. " 

- Publishers Weekly

"Interesting and informative, easy to read, and fairly wide-ranging.  Readers who can't get enough of Harry Potter will enjoy learning about arithmancy, spell casting, and much more ... "

- School Library Journal

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The Sorcerer’s Companion has been published in

14 languages and has sold over a million copies world wide.


A Guide to the Magical World of Harry Potter

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