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Greetings, visitor. 

On this website you’ll find evidence of the many ways I’ve discovered to nurture and explore my lifelong fascination with magic. Over the years I’ve written six magic-centric books, performed countless programs in schools, libraries, colleges and community centers, entertained at gatherings large and small, and learned, taught and created many intriguing mysteries. For a lively account of how it all began—and how I got from that moment to this one—you might enjoy Pecha Kucha talk I gave at the Parrish Art Museum, in Watermill, NY. For a written account of my work, there’s this cover story from MUM Magazine, in which I am ably interviewed by my friend and Japanese translator Yuki Kadoya. As for the rest of the web site, you’ll find books to browse, reviews to read,  programs to ponder, and pictures of me having fun. I am always interested in hearing from like-minded people, so feel free to get in touch.



116 Easy Tricks, Amazing Brainteasers,

and Simple Stunts to Wow the Grandkids 

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