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Reviews of Science and the Art of Illusion

"Allan Zola Kronzek, magician extraordinaire, ‘wowed’ the fifth grade.  He tied together magic, art and scientific inquiry, and kept  the students engaged and laughing throughout the show. It was a wonderful presentation that entertained all. It gave students insight into the scientific method without  realizing they were learning it – now that’s magic!"


 -  Nancy Keane, fifth grade teacher, Hiawatha Elementary School


"Allan Kronzek has performed at North Middle School for over 10 years. Combining the natural wonder of magic with making scientific estimations, this performance is perfect for middle level science students. The context of the presentation is deeply intertwined with making observations and using scientific reasoning to explain ordinary circumstances. I would recommend this presentation and Allan to all middle schools who are interested in capturing the imaginations of their students."

   -  Michael DePasquale, Science Chair, Great Neck North Middle School


"Sachem School District has repeatedly invited Allan Kronzek to perform his entertaining and informative science program for all fifth graders in each of our twelve elementary schools.   We have never received anything but positive evaluations from the entire staff.  I highly recommend Allan's Science and the Art of Illusion program!"

   - Bradley Johnson, Sachem Dist. Arts-in-Education


"For about a decade, Allan has captured the attention of the students within our science classes by combining two of the things that he loves, science and magic.  His performance is one that all of our students look forward to each year.  His program has become the cornerstone of our eighth grade unit on Scientific Inquiry which focuses on observations, inferences and the scientific method. This is a great program that all students and teachers will enjoy."

   - Jonathan Mead, Science Dept., Elwood Middle School 

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