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Reviews for the Art of Fooling


 “Your programs are an incomparable mix of magic tricks and history, tied together by your excellent rapport with the audience and plenty of opportunities for audience participation. Our patrons thoroughly enjoyed themselves.”


- Elizabeth Olesh, Program Coordinator, Port Washington Public Library


 “I can highly recommend Allan as an a mesmerizing magician and lecturer. His ability co combine academic and practical aspects of magic would add an extra dimension to any college curriculum.”


- Barbara Lipman-Wulf, PhD, The New School for Social Research


“The Philosophy Club of Suffolk Community college over the past few years has hosted an interesting assortment of speakers on quite a variety of stimulating topics, from a New Argument for God’s Existence to A Defense of Unoriginality in Art to Why There is No Sexual Perversion.  But none, I think, quite captured the imagination of our students and faculty as your combined presentation and demonstration of magic.  

Your allusions to the nature of deception, a leading problem much discussed in the philosophy of science, lent depth and added meaning to an otherwise already most enjoyable presentation.”


- Lowell Kleinman, Professor of Philosophy, Suffolk Community College


“For people to say they would come to the same show AGAIN is a new one for me!  I plan to rebook in the future. ”  

- Phyllis L. Cox, Program Coordinator, Jericho Public Library


“I loved your skillful combination of information and entertainment.  Everyone was very enthusiastic  - much buzz.  Thank you for a great presentation.”


- Carolyn Balducci, Program Director, Montauk Library


 “A fascinating demonstration touching on the occult, the New Age, shamanism, stage conjuring, sleight of hand, and confidence games. Mr. Kronzek relates them all, in surprising and illuminating ways, to philosophy, science, religion, logic, and so-called common sense.”

- Pasqual S. Schievella, PhD, Editor, The Journal of Critical Analysis

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