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Artful Deceptions

The impromptu card magic of Allan Zola Kronzek

Artful Deceptions is intended for those who already possess sleight-of-hand skills with cards. If you are a beginner and unfamiliar with intermediate-level card technique, you will not be able to perform most of the routines in this book.  Otherwise, place your order.

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A breath of fresh air in the huge volume of card magic available today. Tried and tested routines that have the right staging to make people remember you.”     


- Paul Romhany, Vanish Magazine

A superb volume, filled with real world card magic. Well worth the price asked and gets a very high recommendation from me.


- Marc DeSouza, Mum Magazine

…Presentations that engage and extract an emotional response rather than merely play before an audience that has nothing to do but sit and watch.  Artful Deceptions is certainly worth your time.” 


- David Britland, Genii Magazine 


Allan Kronzek is to be congratulated for producing one of the best magic books in many years.  Artful Deceptions is a beautifully written book that’s filled with super routines. Highly recommended.


- Jim Swain, crime fiction writer and sleight-of-hand artist


 “Destined to become a classic. Every effect is so precisely focused and choreographed that each one is strong enough to use as an opener or as a closer.


- Rolando Santos, The Linking Ring


Strong effects with quirky and theatrical presentations.  Allan’s precise, yet conversational writing will transport you to your own private session with a clever and thoughtful practitioner.  Time well spent.”


-  John Bannon, creator of close-up magic


Allan's presentations aim at those sweet spots where …spectators happily collaborate in a pleasurable creation of mystery and wonder.


 - Jon Racherbaumer, author, historian and practitioner of magic with cards

Allan has an ingenious sense of deception, devilish, I think.  It is truly a great lesson in creative imagination and intelligent thought. 

I thoroughly enjoyed Artful Deception."  


-   Bob Fitch, performer and magic coach

A theatrical and conjuring marvel….  The kind of work that truly contributes to the improvement of our art.


- Jamy Ian Swiss, Genii Magazine


A fascinating book, and a very welcome introduction to Allan’s work.”  


-   Liam Montier, blog review

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