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52 Ways to Cheat at Poker

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This book has class, depth and covers a mountain of territory.  For the price and the depth of material offered, this could be one of the best books of the century on the subject.


- Howard Schwartz, Gamblers Book Shop

“Allan Zola Kronzek has written a delightful new manual of cheating that updates the recycling bin with skillful writing, fresh new info, and—to put it bluntly—a refreshing lack of bullshit…. By providing genuinely clear and readable explanations, contemporary applications, entertaining but true anecdotes from real experts, historical background, and legitimate advice, Mr. Kronzek has produced a remarkably fresh turn on a very old subject.”


- Jamy Ian Swiss, Genii Magazine


"This is one of the best books written on poker cheating, and should be in the hands of everyone who plays for money - from friendly Friday night games, to people who play in card rooms, to tournament pros. The author has done his homework, and gives the reader a superb education in the varied ways that hustlers and cheaters rob you of your money. Do yourself a favor and buy this book. Then read it. You will not be disappointed."


- Jim Swain, crime novelist and sleight of hand expert

Kronzek’s delightful compendium is a fun and witty guide to the nefarious methods card thieves use to, as they put it, “get the money” – your money. He helps arm you with the knowledge you’ll need to protect yourself and he presents it with all the verve and snap of a crisply dealt card.


- Karl Johnson, author of The Magician and the Cardsharp


"...a marvelous course in cheating at poker told by a magician familiar with all the usual suspects....  Although Mr. Kronzek supplies the basics of false dealing, shuffling, cuts, and other sleights useful at the card table, the thrilling gist of this book is the strategies, the uses to which those sleights and techniques can be used to your advantage. Some are so clever and frankly so simple that they almost beg to be tried out in your next friendly game. I learned a lot from this book and enjoyed learning it. Mr. Kronzek is a fine writer as well as a keen gambling authority, and he has written a page turner."


- Steve Bryant, Little Egypt Magic

"Well-researched and funny to boot, this is an inexpensive but immensely useful resource."


- Rolando Santos, the Linking Ring

The prose in 52 Ways is clear and rarely dull, even when Kronzek explores technical nuances as all good how-to books must.  Anecdotes about such things a cheaters narrowly escaping detection (and, presumably, a whipping) enliven the pages, as do a sprinkling of germane quotes and jokes (Man: Say, isn’t that a game of chance?  W. C. Fields:  Not the way I play it).  Of course reading these 193 pages won’t make a cheat out of just anyone. You need supple hands, an excellent memory, a willingness to practice devotedly and, as Kronzek put it, a “total absence of conscience or scruples.”  


Kostya Kennedy, Sports Illustrated


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